Specializing in Pet Stains, Odor and Pet Urine Removal Treatments.

X-Treme takes removing pet odor to the next level, we specialize in the removal of pet urine in pores and non-pores material, we go beyond a cleaning and enzyme treatments, we use top of the line pet urine releasing solutions and get down to the sub floor and padding! We’re the contaminate are 50 times greater (larger) Not only are we IICRC trained in pet odor and urine control, we have 20 + years of experience.

How do we find pet urine?

X-Treme we use a ultraviolet light along with a moisture meter to locate the contaminated area to be treated and cleaned. We can map out the area for you, let you use our ultraviolet light and glasses to see for yourself. We have the right tools to get the job done right!

Odor Removal Treatments

Enzymes & Injections

Sub Floor Extraction
Sub-floor Sealed Odor blocker
Pad Replacement
Tack Strip Replacement
Pad Replacement
Carpet Stretching
Carpet Patching pet damage
Thermal Fogger (Solvent-based )
ULV fogger for applying deodorizers
Ozone ( home must be Empty)
Hydroxyl Generator ( safer alternative )

Steps Taken For Pet Odor Removal

• To properly remove pet odor from carpeting, perhaps the only truly effective measure is to, First rule of thumb, remove as much of the source as you can with a flooding/extraction method.

• Thoroughly dry the carpet and padding at least 80% after the flooding/extraction method.

• The second rule of thumb is to clean everything thoroughly, high powered vacs can absorb more and speed dry again.

• The third rule of thumb is to inject enzymes into the carpet and padding also letting it reach the sub-floor.

• Finally, let the area you treated air out. Example ( If you cook fish, eat fish, clean everything disinfect and take out the trash, (YOU STILL SMELL FISH) same principle applies, let your dwelling air out.

• There are cases where getting rid of dog or cat urine smells is almost impossible,
in such case your best bet is to replace the padding clean and seal the sub floor, sometimes you might need to sand the sub-floor then seal it. This is a fairly easy task for X-Treme, we specialize in pet urine and pet odor problems.

• We have a 80% to 90% success rate, mainly depending on the degree of contaminates and age of the pet urine. Don't be intimidated by pet stains.

Step 4

Medium contamination! Sub Floor

Step 5

Heavy contamination! Padding and tack strip removal and replacement, sub floor extraction and enzyme treatment and possibly injections to the carpet backing and fibers.

Step 6 Post-Cleaning

Post-Cleaning Inspection with you to ensure cleaning exceeds your expectations.

Step 1

Inspect your carpet using a ultraviolet light moisture meter to identify were the contamination are.

Step 2

Determine the degree of contamination and discus the right option for you based on method and cost.

Step 3

Light contamination! enzyme

6-Step Odor Control and Urine Cleaning Process.

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