Wood Floor Cleaning Service

Deep Clean Your Wood Floors

Wood floor cleaning service is a necessity for the long-term health of your floors. Regular cleanings are necessary to keep up with dirt, grime, and oil buildup. We offer deep cleaning services that will remove all the dirt and grime from your wood floors, as well as seal them for protection.

 Aggressively clean Dirt, grease, hair, dust, Built-up residue, and contaminants.

 This can be done alone or as a routine maintenance procedure in the Madison County Illinois area.

Wood Floor Care is a MUST

Whether you own a historic home or are just looking for ways to clean your wood floors better, regular deep cleaning is necessary to maintain the health of your wood floors. Neglecting our hardwood floor cleaning services can lead to increased wear and tear on the floor, as well as dirt accumulation that will not come off on its own.

Deep Clean Your Wood Floors With Us

We offer deep cleaning services that will remove all the dirt and grime from your wood floors, as well as seal them for protection. Our procedure doesn't involve harsh chemicals or anything else that could damage your hardwood flooring - it's safe for everyone in the family!

Basic Coating System

Basic Coating wood floor flyer, let us transform your space back to an elegant-looking hardwood floor.

• Scrub with floor prep cleaning machine and I.F.T., the intensive cleaner

• Repeat scrub with cleaning machine and Squeaky, commercial floor cleaner

• Tack with microfiber cleaning pad and Squeaky floor cleaner

Your floors will be debris free. Making your wood floors last longer with a beautiful elegant look.



luxury vinyl

Laminate Flooring

Step 5 Rinse & Extract 

We rinse the aggressive cleaner off your floors with water and a special wood floor cleaning machine designed to rinse scrub and leave your floors dry.

Step 4 Scrub, Vacuum & Rinse 

Scrub vacuum and rinse with a special wood floor cleaning machine ( Dirt Dragon ).

Step 6 Post-Cleaning

Post-Wood Cleaning Inspection with you to ensure or hardwood cleaning exceeds your expectations.

Step 2 Determine Soil Level-

Determine the degree of contamination and discuss the right option for you and your hardwood floors. based on the method being used and cost.

Step 3 Alkaline Clean

We apply a wood floor degreaser, it is an aggressive cleaner to remove ground-in dirt, body oils, shoe marks, scuffs, spills and oil products.


6 step hardwood floor cleaning process.

Step 1 Inspect Hardwood

Inspect your hardwood floor to see if cleaning, Recoat, or sanding & refinishing would be the best result.

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Why deep clean your hardwood floors?

Deep-cleaned floors are easier to maintain and keep looking great all the time. Read on for more information! *Learn about deep cleaning* *Call Us for a Free Estimate*