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Our Step-by-Step Process to Maintain a Fresh and Healthy Heating & Cooling Unit

Our comprehensive step-by-step process we take to properly clean your HVAC system. From preparing the equipment to conducting a thorough inspection, we have you're heating & cooling unit covered with fresh & healthy air. Say hello to improved air quality and reduced allergens, Lets maintain your dirty ductwork!

Why It Cleans Homes Better?

Experience a comprehensive duct cleaning process that leaves no room for dust and allergens.

- Thorough inspection and assessment of air ducts- Advanced cleaning techniques to remove dust, debris, and allergens- Use of eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products- Highly trained and certified technicians- Improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency

Step 1:

Our experts conduct a meticulous inspection of your ducts to identify problem areas.

Step 2:

Utilizing state-of-the-art negative pressure vacuum technology, we remove all debris and contaminants, ensuring a thorough clean.

Step 3:

We take it a step further by agitating the dust, dislodging even the most stubborn particles for complete removal.

Step 4:

To ensure your HVAC system functions optimally, we also clean the furnace and other components, leaving you with fresh, clean air throughout your home. Breathe easy knowing your air quality is our top priority.


" Was looking for a cleaning to my air vents. Negative air was the best method for my ductwork."

Madison County, Illinois.

Don L.

"I chose this type of cleaning preference on my research with NADCA"

Edwardsville, IL

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Cleanse Your HVAC System with Our Negative Air Pressure Cleaning Procedures

Negative Air

Why Choose Negative Air?

When it comes to cleaning your HVAC system, the negative air procedure stands out as the most effective method. By creating continuous negative pressure, this technique ensures that all debris and fine particles are safely removed from your duct system.

Airborne Debris? Not Anymore!

With our negative air procedure, you can say goodbye to worries about debris and fine particles being released into your living space before & after the cleaning process. Our innovative approach gets into every nook and cranny of your ductwork and coils. Make sure your HVAC system is thoroughly cleaned, leaving you with fresh, clean air.

Avoid Recontamination

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Before hooking up our 8' inch hose to your ductwork we will block every register vent while under continuous negative pressure. This ensures that debris and fine particles are effectively removed from your duct system, preventing them from being released back into your living space.

Why Negative Pressure Cleaning For Ductwork In Your Home

Why Experience the Power of Negative Pressure! Removes Mold, Very Fine Dust & Dirt Safely

what types of air duct cleaning are there

There are two major types of duct cleaning equipment

  • There are two major types of duct cleaning equipment

    Duct cleaning companies use two primary cognitive systems for cleaning pipes. Rotating brush system or push-pull vacuum system. Both systems are designed to remove dirt and debris from lines but achieve very different results.

  • Rotary Brush System

    Typical Vacuum Airflow is around 80-500cfm



    Size of debris that can be removed: The size of the nozzle is the limiting factor here. Larger debris can block the vacuum.


    Integrated Coil Cleaning: Not Recommended - and the brush can damage your coil.


    Dampers: Not Recommended - for Systems with Dampers: Brush cannot pass through dampers.


    Wiring in Ductwork:  Not Recommended - house wiring can tangle and wrap around the brush.


    Geothermal ductwork: Not Recommended - Small sensors & fans will get damaged in the ductwork from the brush.


    Not able to handle sharp turns in smaller diameter ductwork: Vacuum hose is usually 3-inch diameter and is prone to getting stuck. There is a 1.25 hose but, limited with a very weak vacuum and will get clogged with a candy wrapper.

  • Negative Air Pressure

    Typical Vacuum Airflow is around 3000cfm + at hook up point.


    Size of debris that can be removed: Larger toys, construction debris, dead rodents, and more can be dislodged and removed from the ductwork.


    Integrated Coil Cleaning: Yes, coils are cleaned with compressed air that is included in our normal cleaning


    Recommended for systems with Dampers: Air Hose is small enough to pass through Dampers.


    Ability to handle sharp turns in smaller diameter ductwork: Air Sweep and brush are less than 1 inch in diameter.