Carpet Stretching / Carpet Re-Stretching

X-Treme carpet stretching company recommends that you have your carpet re-stretched whenever it begins to show wrinkles or becomes loose. Carpet stretching prolongs the life of your carpet and helps to prevent any accidents or falls from occurring. A power stretcher is always used, even in halls and closets. If you have a problem within the first 2 years, I will gladly come back and fix it at no additional cost to you. Warranty is limited to 2 years because I have to take into consideration where the carpet has already been cut by the previous installer.

Seam Repair / Carpet Seaming

X-Treme  offers professional seam repair when your carpet seams are separating. We re-cut and redo seams as needed, and we pay close attention to all of the small details to make sure everything looks great when finished. Often times even better than the original carpet seaming.

Patches / Bonded Inserts

Does your carpet have a spot that will not come clean? Or perhaps a carpet tear, burn or hole in it? Bonded inserts aka carpet patching is a less expensive,  great alternative then replacing your carpet. Don't worry, we can Fix it! Contact Us.

X-Treme Carpet Repairs and Re-Installation (618) 944-9717 we provide carpet Re-Installation, carpet re-stretching, carpet seam repair, carpet Patches and carpet patching, If you need carpet Re-installed or it is wrinkled, has a bad seam, it's burned, ripped or torn or has a piece missing X-Treme can fix it! We Also Service St Louis Missouri.

Carpet Repair Service

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A Fraction of the Cost........Repair it!