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Carpet Cleaning Swansea, IL

Friendly, Professional Locally Owned Swansea carpet cleaning service for residential and commercial dwellings. X-Treme is a professional floor cleaning service providing St Clair and Madison Counties of IL residents with sparkling clean floors whether it be carpet or tile and grout cleaningwe will make it shine, we have floor maintenance programs to maintain residential or commercial carpet, upholstery or hard surface cleaning! Our methods are steam cleaning, hot water extraction, Low Moisture encapsulation and dry cleaning, so if your in need of a local carpet cleaner, that offers several service, We're just a phone call away.

Why X-Treme For Your Carpet Cleaning 

At X-Treme we rinse your carpet and upholstery; this keeps your carpets from Re-soiling! Carpet cleaning chemicals that are not rinsed out by water or fiber rinse will attract soil. This is why do it yourself cleaners can cause spots to come back, the carpet smells like mildew, or the carpets just don't come clean! X-Treme uses 1st grade solutions, and different solutions for different carpets or upholstery types. Cleaning Berber carpet is different from cleaning nylon carpet!

Just a Few Reasons to Use Us

  • Pre-Spray and agitation 
  • No Chemical residue left in fibers
  • High Heat for the ultimate steam cleaning
  • Rotary and pile lifter cleaning available.
  • Stain and spot cleaning
  • Bonded and Insured
  • IICRC Certified 

professional Steam Cleaning Swansea, IL 

AKA hot water extraction is recommended by leading carpet manufacturers, with the assurance and safety of products so let X-Treme put some steam to your carpets, to give you the best, safest, and cleanest carpet. Our new equipment with high heat extracts out embedded soil and stains with ease leaving them bright and clean with a drying time of around 2-6 hours, so let X-Treme put some steam to your carpets!

Allergy Relief Carpet and Duct Cleaning Treatments

If you or your family suffers from allergies or asthma, please notify us at time of scheduling that you would like to use the Allergy Relief Treatments. Our treatments can be just a greener cleaning solution or pet dander or hair cleaning and removal, and this could including your air vents needing to be cleaned, Hvac cleaning or our air duct cleaning service may be needed, Most cases we would like to do an in home inspection to put a cleaning package to fit your needs, Also at the time of scheduling please let us know if there are pet urine stains or pet odor problems, mold so we can properly eliminate the problem, and remember to always ask for Scotchgard Carpet Protectant.

A carpet cleaning company with great customer service is our main priority. We are committed to every job with the intentions of gaining your trust and adding your name to our list of life-long customers!

 Things you can do to get ready for your carpet cleaning  Please see our 12 step cleaning process.

We also do free in home inspections!

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Swansea, IL is a city in St. Clair County, Illinois, United States, co-extensive with Belleville Township. The population was 13,518 according to the Census Bureau's 2017 estimates. Wikipedia

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