Hamel, IL carpet cleaning ..Making your home or office, cleaner, healthier & odor free 

Professional Carpet Cleaning service in Hamel IL!

At X-Treme Carpet Cleaning in Hamel (618) 944-9717 we provide our customers with the very best quality carpet cleaning service that we can give, whether it be for your home, office, vacant home or commercial building we are here to serve your needs.
X-Treme Carpet Cleaning, combines knowledge, new equipment, best detergents, heat and advanced carpet cleaning technology for the ultimate steam clean system AKA Hot water extraction...

Our steam cleaning system is recommended by leading carpet manufacturers, with the assurance and safety of products to give you the best, safest, and cleanest carpet. Our new equipment with high heat extracts out embedded soil and stains with ease leaving them bright and clean with a drying time of around 2-4 hours.

We offer residential and commercial carpet cleaning

We offer maintenance plans for home or office, and different cleaning methods might need different cleaning procedures due to age, type of fiber and the last Professional cleaning was done, low moisture cleaning process: That encapsulate dirt and soil with daily vacuuming your carpet will look cleaner and stay cleaner over time. Stem Cleaning: Your carpets are the most preferred way for residential carpets due to its soft cut pile carpet, pets and little kids have a big factor in your choice because steam cleaning will kill germs above 220 degrees.

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