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Dennis T.

"Cleaned carpet, looks awesome."

Collinsville, IL

Kevin U.

"Cleaned carpet for pet odor! Best company ever"

Collinsville, IL 

Alex R.

"Steam Cleaned carpets, perfect results"

Collinsville, IL 

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Carpet Cleaning Collinsville, IL

Looking for a local carpet cleaning servicing the Collinsville, IL area, then look no further! Call X-Treme at (618) 944-9717.

You’re floor cleaning professionals, we strive to be one of the best carpet cleaners in the Madison & St. Clair counties of Illinois.

By combining our 15 years of knowledge, with proper training with IICRC & new equipment, we offer the best detergents that's environmentally friendly used with soft water to emulsify our cleaning solutions that gives us a boost, that removes embedded soil and spots with ease, leaving them bright, clean and soft with a drying time of around 2-4 hours. Pet odor treatments will take longer to dry!

What We Use To Clean Your Collinsville Carpet

We use a patented mobile cleaning van. This allows us to properly sanitize with heat upwards to 220+ degrees to clean and protect.

• HydraMaster direct drive
• High heat 220+
• CRI Green Certified Solutions
• Aggressive Carpet cleaning solutions
• Agitating and grooming Fibers
• Soft water cleaning system💦
• Filtration clean water system
• Fiber rinse: softness to the touch 

Carpet Knowledge

• 15+ years experience
• IICRC Certified residential/Commercial
• Cleaning & Repair Specialist

With high heat and our advanced carpet cleaning technology for the ultimate professional floor cleaning system AKA Hot water extraction. Our carpet cleaning system is recommended by leading carpet manufacturers, with the assurance and safety of products to give you the best, safest, and cleanest carpet.

We provide to residential and commercial property’s in addition to steam cleaning we also offer bonnet, shampoo, encapsulation or dry cleaning.

If you or your family suffers from allergies or asthma, our Collinsville air duct cleaning service will also help with allergies, please notify us at time of scheduling that you would like to use the Allergy Relief Treatments. Also at the time of scheduling please let us know if there are pet urine stains or pet odor problems, mold so we can properly eliminate the problem, and remember to always ask for Scotchgard Carpet Protectant.

A top quality carpet cleaning company and great customer service is our main priority. We are committed to every job with the intentions of gaining your trust and adding your name to our list of life-long customers!

We also do free in home carpet cleaning inspections.

See Our Cleaning Procedures.

Specialty Carpet Fiber Spotting!

Candles Wax 🕯 • Rust • Marker • Ink • Kool-Aid • play doe • make up Grease • 🎨Paint • Tar • 🐶 or 🐱Pet Spots & Stains • Carpet Browning • 💧Flooding.