X-Treme Carpet Cleaning Caseyville, IL 

X-Treme at 618 944-9717 is a professional carpet cleaning company servicing Caseyville, IL whether it be commercial or residential carpet cleaning, you know you will get a deep down, steam clean to your carpeted floors. From the first time you call, to after the job is completed. from quick responses to professionalism cleaning practices X-Treme is your one stop shop for all your cleaning needs.

Why Use X-Treme.

Other than the name, our safe products, customer service and our exacts appointment times you will receive, Not only is our mobile van unites top of the line, this assures high heat and vacuum power to remove the everyday contaminants that lie deep in your carpet.

We Rinse Your Carpet.

Over time cleaning agents will build up in your carpeted flooring, attracting dirt to the left behind detergents, causing black spots or streaks, Here at X-Treme we flush out the residue with a fresh smelling clean fiber rinse to remove the left in detergents that are left behind.

X-Treme Cleaning Solutions.

X-Treme uses safe cleaning solutions, safe for you, your family and your pets, we provide several different cleaning solutions for different carpets types. Every Carpet is different and so are our solutions.

If you or your family suffers from allergies or asthma, please notify us at time of scheduling that you would like to use the Allergy Relief Treatments. Also at the time of scheduling please let us know if there are pet urine stains or pet odor problems, mold so we can properly eliminate the problem, and remember to always ask for Scotchgard Carpet Protectant.

A Carpet Cleaning Company with great customer service is our main priority. We are committed to every job with the intentions of gaining your trust and adding your name to our list of life-long customers!

See X-Treme's 12 Step Carpet Cleaning Process!

We also do free in home carpet cleaning inspections!


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