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Tile and Grout Cleaning Belleville, IL

X-Treme Tile and Grout Cleaning, Belleville, IL 618 944-9717, can bring your tile and grout to life. By properly using the right cleaning procedures, combined with using the proper cleaning solutions will achieve the best possible cleaning results without damaging your tile, grout and stone surfaces. Ceramic and natural stone are two different materials and should be cleaned in different ways to achieve the best result without damage.

What makes tile cleaning and grout cleaning so difficult?

The grout is usually the most difficult to clean, a lot of scrubbing on your knees on a hard surface.

You simply can’t get the build-up and ground-in dirt that has settled in hard-to-reach places out. Dirt trapped in the pores of tile and grout is especially difficult to remove with traditional cleaning solutions.

Most people use bleach or heavy degreasers to clean, which though it may look good at the moment, but if not extracted it will cause more dirt to stick to the un-rinsed chemicals.

Harsh chemicals can deteriorate the grout or tile causing a good amount of future repair or replacement.

How X-Treme Cleans Tile and Grout:

1. Determine the tile and grout type with a few tests to the floor.

2. Vacuum floor. Protect stainless steel and furnishings if needed.

3. Pre-spray using a cleaning solution that's right for your floor, let dwell for ten to fifteen minutes.

4. Scrub each grout line with a grout brush, and tile with a tile brush.On heavily soiled tile we will use a rotary machine to clean deep and to remove soil and stains in the grout.

5. On ceramic or porcelain tile if needing a restoration we can apply a low ph solution on the opposite of the ph chart to remove even more soil.

6. X-Treme's high powered truck-mounted cleaning system safely cleans tile floors, showers, and counter-tops by quickly removing dirt and contaminants with enough vacuum power to remove the dirt that home owners can't. We complete the job with a high pressure rinse.

7. After cleaning your tile and grout, we recommend applying a penetrating sealer to protect the grout against mildew and staining for up to 2 years.

We also offer Color Sealing your Grout!

Color sealing is better than sealer. It is thicker and lasts twice as long.
Color sealing will fill cracks and small holes we call salt and pepper which is caused by improper mixing of the grout when installed. It is caused when the powder form is not mixed completely, leaving powder dry pockets. As you mop your floors, the powder pockets will get wet and be removed. You can also get holes in your grout if the grout was too thin and watery when originally applied. Color sealing will fix this problem.
If you have had tile additions or tile replacement your old grout and new grout most likely won’t match, Color Sealing will also fix this issue.

Give your kitchen or bathroom a new look with Color Sealing. There are 87 colors to choose from and it is amazing that by simply changing your grout color your entire room can look completely different and new.

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