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X-Treme Air Duct Cleaning....... Can give allergy sufferers relief.

X-Treme Air Duct Cleaning Edwardsville, IL

Air Duct Cleaning Is a effective treatment for Indoor Allergens

X-Treme Air Duct Cleaning Edwardsville, IL 618 944-9717 Our contact cleaning Is an effective treatment for Indoor Allergens, we will remove dirt, mold, pollen, bacteria, dust mite droppings, pet dander & pet hair are widely accepted to be the most important causes of indoor allergies.

What's in? Air Duct Vent! HVAC Cleaning

The same contaminants that build up in carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces can also accumulate in air ducts, air vents, furnace & dryer vents. The Rotobrush aiR+® air duct cleaning system can remove dirt, mold growths, pollen and bacteria from your ducts and vents.

Why Air Duct Cleaning

As a home is being built there is saw dust, dry wall and joint compound particles floating in the air, and most of the time right before your hard surface floor or carpet is installed, most contractors sweep it in the vents, or don't clean up before it circulates in the air, as terrible as it sounds, now its circulating in your hvac system and floating room to room.

Duct Work Video Inspection

Light weight portable electric bore-scope was designed to give on the spot visual inspection, to show our customers there vents and ducts, Once you've seen what's hiding in your HVAC, you'll want it removed ASAP.

Why Dryer Vent cleaning
There has been about 12,000 clothes dryer vent fires every year, most home owners fail to perform regular maintenance on their dryer vents. Cleaning your lint traps as often as possible and routine vent cleaning will prevent this tragedy from acquiring.

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