X-Treme Air Duct Cleaning....... Can give allergy sufferers relief.

X-Treme Air Duct Cleaning Godfrey and Alton, IL

X-Treme offers Air Duct Cleaning and Dryer Vent Cleaning to Godfrey, and Alton, IL residents, at 618 944-9717.

At X-Treme we use contact cleaning methods to truly clean the walls of your HVAC vents, returns and trunk lines. We will also clean the registers and grills along with the blower unit. We will sanitize or deodorized your trunk line also.

Making your indoor air quality heather, cleaner and fresher.

Why use X-Treme Air Duct Cleaning

X-Treme is a local company. We are non-franchised, nor do we subcontract or services. Our technicians are air quality control trained cleaning technicians. We also provide carpet, upholstery and hard surface cleaning after your HVAC has been cleaned and sanitized or deodorized.

We can show you a Video Inspection

Here at X-Treme we can also provide a digital borescope camera for a detailed visual inspection. What's in your vents?

Dryer Vent Cleaning Godfrey and Alton, IL

You've probably heard of someone you know that has or will have a fire caused from dirty dryer vents. This can be caused by dirt, lint and debris left in your vent(s) that builds up over time. This will also cause exhaust gases to back up. Don't take that chance. The safety of your family, pets and furnishings are not worth the risk for a very minimal expense.

Here are some signs when to get your dryer vent(s) cleaned

• Clothing not drying. Needing to re-cycle a second dry cycle.

• Articles you are drying are hotter than normal.
• Dryer flap located on the outside of your home or building is not opening                        properly or broken.
• Lint build up is noticed on the outside of your home or building at the dryer                   vent opening.

• The lint filter trap inside of your dryer has heavy lint build up.

Better Indoor Air Quality.......Gives Allergy Sufferers Relief.

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